Friday, February 11, 2011

closed minds

"Why do people with closed minds always open their mouths?"

That's a great question because we all know it's so true.

think about it for a sec if you need to.

Unfortunately, this applies to Christians way too much. The close-minded people have their minds made up on everything, they know everything about most things, and they tell everybody about it.

i have some thoughts on why this is the case that i hope to post tomorrow. but 1st i would love to hear YOUR thoughts. 

2 comments: said...

interesting point!

good question. critical thinking question...

maybe because these people would be revealed as vulnerable or insecure (human) if they didn't open their mouth to share their always-right opinions. maybe there is a fear of being doubted by others. or maybe they gotta sell their point, in fear that the other person, would sell theirs first and change their own mind.

people with truly open minds don't always have to convey their one opinion. it's okay to have differences, and accept this as normal.

just some thoughts. that was fun. look forward to your post!

patrick mitchell said...

love love love your thoughts. very similar stream of thought to mine (that i finally posted, btw. i'm a little slower than i intend sometimes.)
vulnerability, afraid of being doubted, and not proving their point are all things that closed-minded people cannot handle. great thoughts.

& i agree it's not only ok to have differences, but we NEED to. then we need to accept them as normal and LISTEN. :)