Thursday, October 6, 2011

All in 1 day

It's crazy how much can happen in your soul in 24 hours.


It's crazy how much can happen in the core of you in one day. When I take some time to prepare my soul and heart on the front end (like I did) & fully open my soul to whatever God feels like doing...

And when I beg Him to create something in my soul...

Deep down in me...

Something clean & beautiful... It's crazy what can happen in 24 hours.

It's crazy what can flood into my soul when it's wide open like this. It's pouring in.
 Thanks, God. Thanks for answering my prayer. Keep creating in me.

Do the same tomorrow... Except even bigger and scarier and crazier... Keep creating on this canvas of my soul. Crazy what can happen when you're present for 1 day with the Presence

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