Tuesday, January 1, 2008

the 1st ever RENOWN blog


“I eagerly expect and hope that I will in no way be ashamed, but will have sufficient courage so that now as always Christ will be exalted in my body, whether by life or by death.” – Paul (philippians 1:20)

Life’s not about me. It’s all about God and his renown. God is the greatest, most awesome, coolest, most glorious thing in the universe. He is the only One and only thing that can satisfy! We ALL want satisfaction, but like the great theologian Mick Jagger sang – “I can’t get no (pause…) satisfaction!” (it’s OK that you were singing along and rocking your air guitar. You’re supposed to have fun when you read this blog.) (I bet you were also thinking to yourself, "what possible good can come from a blog that begins with a picture of Jagger?" now you know.) I would say we can’t find satisfaction/happiness/joy because we’re looking in the wrong places. So, where should we look?

Paul understood that life is all about God, not us. He was determined to exalt Christ in any way he could. And THERE Paul found satisfaction. I feel ya, Paul! I want to magnify Christ’s renown in my life every second or if He can be exalted higher in my death, then that’s cool too. Whatever it takes. It’s all about Jesus. And in this lifestyle I am satisfied and the happiest man alive.
Like Paul, this is my life goal… to spread the renown of Jesus Christ! I’ll spend the rest of my life doing this for His name’s sake and be the happiest man on earth.

And here’s my blog that’s just another part of my life that’s attempting to spread God’s fame. I’m not an expert writer or anything close, but I’m learning and experiencing so much that I need an outlet for it. Some days I’ll be writing about my amazing wife, pimp stuff in God’s word that I’m studying, something I learned at a conference or in a book, or just something funny or crazy that’s happening. You're reading the 1st ever RENOWN blog... this is a momentous occasion. You may need to take a deep breath just to let it all sink in. It won’t always be something deeply theological like what you read above (jk). But it will always be thoughts flowing out of an attempt to be completely satisfied in a God who is worthy of all the renown and fame in the world.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bro,

You made me laugh on this first day of the new year! This is awesome(yes, I did use the word awesome)But..man...can you use another word besides "pimp"..or at least explain its meaning in today's culture to us old folks.


Unknown said...

Great! Patrick. I look forward to hearing how our Lord is moving daily thru you life. God has allowed you to learn so much in these few short year, I only wish me and mom could take credit for you, but we know it's been the Lord that has built you just for this adventure. And what a wonderful adventure you and Crystal are on, just wait to see where God leads you next. Life's so easy once you realize that the good things and the bad things are just God's way of being glorified thru us, and we will reach many people, maybe more, in the bad times. So now the bad times become so exciting, just wondering who next is coming into your life to meet the Lord. See ya later

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see your thoughts on your blog! And yep, you bet I'll push back sometimes....but you knew that already, didn't you? Proud of you, man!


(Oh, and where's the link to Whirled Views?????)

patrick mitchell said...

thanks for asking dennis and pointing this out on behalf of the "old folks."
1. adj. Very admirable or desirable. Extremely good. Off the chain. Fly.

yeah, it's a good thing when i use it... it's extremely good.

Anonymous said...

thanks for defining the word for us "old folks". The word still makes me uncomfortable but hey...looking forward to debating/learning from each other.


bhy said...

What a great way to start off the New Year....I'm glad that you are here and can use this outlet to spread God's fame. We'll be back often and will spread the word.


P.S. I'm glad that you defined pimp for us! :)

Anonymous said...

Word Brother! Looking forward to reading what flows through that head of yours!

Anonymous said...

Hey Pastor Patrick!

We've missed you the past month but we know you are spreading God's word in another field now. Good luck with the church planting.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! Welcome to the Blogosphere, looking forward to the ride.

Anonymous said...

Patrick & Crystal,

GREAT to hear from you. The Blog is perfect for us to keep up with you. I know God has something so amazing for the two of you!!! Keep your eyes on Christ and He will never lead you down the wrong path:)
Psm 34:6

Anonymous said...

Keep looking unto Him!!! He will never let you down!

Dave said...

Super post, look forward to more. It was great seeing you guys at cricket. We'll stop by ridge soon and say hi.