Monday, February 11, 2008

check this out!!!

ok, I promise you that this is going to be PIMP! Many of you know that I have a huge heart & passion for Africa + a huge passion for orphans & children around the world. in fact i want to start a ton of orphanages throughout sub-saharan Africa one of these days. You guys know I'm all about Compassion International too... and if you don't just read this post. Compassion is doing what Jesus was all about us doing - feeding, clothing, educating, & helping the least of these. There's nothing like sponsoring a kid through Compassion. I highly recommend it, but again just go read about it here.

So, I think the deal goes something like this, but don't quote me... Compassion wants to see more children sponsored in Uganda. So, they called up the top 15 or so Christian bloggers in the country (bloggers who have the most hits & readers) & invited them to go on a trip to Uganda with them! Check out all the peeps who are going here. For the next week they will be blogging from Uganda and sharing with us firsthand what Compassion is doing there with these kids!

Carlos Whittaker is on staff at Buckhead which is one of Ridge's partner churches. He also happens to be one of the most popular Christian bloggers in the country. what's that? Is the renown blog on that top 10 list? no, but thanks for asking... maybe in the top 25 : ) You can read more about the whole thing in Uganda on this post from Carlos. The Ridge staff raves about this guy's blog and claim that it's the funniest thing since watching me dance. Carlos is going to be blogging from Uganda all week this week... it's gonna be pimp... i promise. So, go read it everyday!!!

Also, you can read the official Compassion blog from Uganda here.
You can also read about it from Anne Jackson who writes frequently on the Deadly Viper blog which is run by my homeboy Mike Foster who for some reason added my blog to his blogroll with the likes of Craig Groeschel & Mark Batterson and Carlos??? Maybe he thought I was someone else? jk, Mike's just the man! Go read his book by the way! Anyway, Anne will probably have another cool perspective in Uganda.

***I REALLY believe in what Compassion is doing. I think it's awesome. I think if Christians stepped up to the plate to truly be the church then we could take care of so many of these kids who need clean water, food, healthcare, & basic education. (Read more about that here.) SO, pass these above blogs around to your friends & tell everyone to read about them this week! hype it on facebook or your own blog! Just spread the word.

It was one of the coolest things in the world to me when I heard about several people sponsoring children through Compassion after they read this post. Think how awesome it would be if you pass the word along about this blogging tour through Uganda & one of those little girls gets sponsored by someone you know or one of those little boys gets to go to school from now on because of you simply passing the word along. Tell EVERYBODY you know! (think email, facebook, etc...) Told you this would be pimp!

It all starts in the next few hours & they come back to the States on the 18th. Let the blogs begin!


Anonymous said...

got a lot goin' on lately but still enjoy reading the blog!!...just wanted to comment on Compassion.
ever since reading about this incredible organization right here on the world famous RENOWN, our family has been fired up about sponsoring a child!(erika actually thought a little girl from Africa would be showing up soon... a little disappointed.)
just wanted everyone to know if you can't sponsor a child for 32 bucks/month you can also make contributions of any amount that go to:
AIDS initiative
temp care for unsponsored kids
there is also a Christmas gift program...all kinds of opportunities for your Sunday School class,small groups,collecting change as a family...all right,all right...i don't work for them.. just believe it's an awesome group..thanks for turning us onto it Pastor Patrick!i

**shame on you....the constant slamming of the Red Sox is so far beneath a "numero uno home-sellin' realtor"

Anonymous said...

hey man no matter how busy i am i can always look at ur life and be thankful im not as busy as u!!! i don't believe i can give support financially but i will pray each day that God will send 1 person who can support 5 kids everyday. God has really burdened my heart lately on prayer and i believe it's more important than any other source. love ya man. ur in my prayers.

Cjones - peace