Thursday, September 16, 2010

up in the air - to Kenya

yep, we're flying to Kenya right now. who knows exactly where we are as you read this?
we're probably sleeping after popping an ambien.

Crystal and i are so stoked. welcome to day 1 of this online journal of our trip. hope you enjoy and i hope it doesn't bore you.

Crystal and i prayed together last night. it was beautiful, just sitting on our bed for the last time for a month. we cried a little together (we're so emotional). i told her how proud i was of her to have so much courage to go on this journey & to trust God in this huge way.

just for a short moment, here is a transparent and raw peek into my soul -> later last night i went upstairs and prayed this:

God, Crystal and i have been asking you to keep us safe... but we know safety is just a myth. help us make wise decisions in a foreign place, but we know that ultimately our safety is up to You.
USE US however You can to bless people, love people, help people, change people, and open their eyes to Your glory.
& God, change us. change our hearts and make them beat just like Yours! no matter what it costs us. even our lives. when i sit at this desk a month from now don't let me be the same person. when i kiss my wife in this house 1 month from now, don't let us be the same. Make our hearts just like Yours. Show us how we fit in Your amazing Mission to show the world Your love and renown. 

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