Thursday, April 16, 2009

I am barefoot today...

Why am I walking around barefoot today? It's very simple = today is April 16th which is "One Day Without Shoes" sponsored by TOMS shoes. It's just meant to raise awareness for all the kids around the world who don't even have 1 pair of shoes. Read all about it HERE.

If you have no idea what TOMS is just click
HERE and/or HERE and read a little about them!

Bottom Line = TOMS is all about helping kids in poverty have a pair of shoes. So, for every pair of TOMS you buy, they give one away! Here is what TOMS is asking us to do today = On April 16th, go barefoot on the way to the water cooler, walking to the mailbox, in an afternoon meeting or on your lunch break; go barefoot for the entire day or long enough to raise awareness.

I've got a lunch meeting @ Qdoba today... you think they'll let me in without my shoes?
Tell me some of your barefoot stories.

1 comment:

hassanpour said...

i spent some time walking in their 'shoes'

thanks for the reminder