Wednesday, July 20, 2011

we want YOUR advice on parenting!

i've been writing lately about the fact that Crystal and i are having a baby soon! we are stoked!

So, that's where YOU come in. i know a lot of you out there are WISE and EXPERIENCED parents & we want YOUR advice!

please just send me 1 piece of advice that you feel is MOST important. (& i'm open to more than 1 piece of advice of course!) i want to hear from you because we (or at least i) don't even know where to begin!
you can leave a comment on this blog or shoot me an email if you would rather. a couple ideas to get you started:

what's the BEST thing you have learned about parenting?

what should we be doing NOW? like what do we do NOW to prepare in the next 16 weeks before the baby comes?

what should we NEVER do?

stuff like that.


Joel and Cindy said...

One piece of advice I have, is to not think there are things you "have to" do. A lot of people will tell you a lot of different things about parenting, but only YOU know what is best. There are people that will tell you that there is one way to do something (whether it be sleeping in bed with you, whether to use a pacifier or not, whether to formula feed or not, when to start potty training, when to do this or that...) and there is NO completely right answer. If it is best for your family to let your child sleep in bed with you tonight, then do it. If it is best for you to formula feed, then do it. Etc. You will know what is right for your child. Don't feel pressure to do something how someone else tells you to, simply because it worked for them. It may not work for you! You'll be amazed at how naturally it comes and how much you absolutely LOVE your child! Congratulations! :)

patrick mitchell said...

thanks Cindy - and thanks for the congrats!

Carol said...

Always be a united front for and with your child. Do not let the child or anyone else separate/divide you as Mom and Dad.

LRothert said...

Buy diapers and wipes every time you go to the store. Size Newborn, 1 and 2. It's much easier to pull them out of the closet at midnight than to send you to the store!

kay said...

i have 2 pieces of advice if that's ok.

when the time comes, use the Ferber method. i did with both my boys and it was hard but oh so worth it!! (and they are not ruined at all b/c of it!)

also when you mess up with your child (and you will) never hesitate to tell them you are wrong and that you are sorry. i think that has been so pivotal with them being able to say they are sorry about something they did.

adam&bekah said...

I don't have any advice, you'll figure it out - however, you will understand even more deeply the love that God has for his sons and daughters. I think that your children bring you as close to unconditional love as you can experience (apart from what Christ has done)