Wednesday, January 28, 2009

crappy day?

So, let me tell you how my day was supposed to go...

up @ 7am.
Drop Crystal's car @ the mechanic on the way to the office & pick up a car there to drive for the rest of the day (5 minutes max).
@ the office by 9am & a TON of work to knock out today! 3 days worth of work needs to be done TODAY.

my actual day so far...

alarm did NOT go off @ 7.
my wife woke me up well after 8 -> she was SICK!
since she was sick she needed me to take our little yippy dog to the vet for an appointment @ 9. I ran out the door with no shower & was still late.
I was supposed to drop the dog off & head straight to work & my wife would pick him up later when they were done with him.
Apparently, this was not a drop off event! nope I got to be in the room & help hold Jack Bauer the dog on the table while various thermometers & objects were put into his rectum (so, maybe my day wasn't as crappy as his!?)
Back to the house after 10am & showered quickly & left.
Got to the mechanic's place which of course is a bad thing in itself. My junky car club car hasn't started in over a week! now, our nice car (Crystal's) is doing all kinds of crazy crap & I am just praying it won't break us! The mechanic tells me that those cars (make & model of my wife's car) are CRAP. great news.
The car he had for me to drive for the next 2 days (while he fixed Crystal's) WOULD NOT START. hung out with him for like an hour while he "fixed" it & got it running.
*Oh, and did I mention my wife is SICK. that's the worst of all. I can't stand it when she's sick because my heart hurts for her & there's nothing I can do about it.
So, after all that I arrived here @ the office around 12:30... & the car I'm driving is still running! the mechanic told me to just leave it running because it may not start if I turn it off! seriously?? r u kidding me?

Pulling out of the mechanic's place heading to the office I was frustrated & stressed for about half a second. Jesus pretty much chills in the car with me wherever I go. I try to carry on a constant conversation with Him. I told Him I was ticked. haha... He didn't talk out loud to me, but after that half second it was obvious to me that I have no reason to be ticked, frustrated, or stressed!

*First of all, any time my problems start with "my car..." that should be a great reminder that God has blessed me beyond what I can even comprehend. How spoiled am I to be complaining about 1 car not running & 1 about to break? That's ridiculous. I praise God for my junky 89 Caddy that has been kickin' for me since I was in high school. about to hit 200K miles, baby! & my wife's car is paid off too. We're pretty blessed.

And yes I'm unhappy that I won't get everything done today that I need to do at work, BUT - I HAVE a job! Lots of people don't right now. And not only do I have a job... I LOVE MY JOB! I wanted to get here so early because I love what I do & I know it's making a difference for the kingdom & I just want to do it the best I can.

And yes, my wife is sick & that sucks & it makes me really sad. But we've got a doctor we can go to anytime and access to medicine. She'll probably be better in a couple days. Millions of people are dying constantly because they don't have a doctor or meds or clean water to drink or a simple net to keep mosquitoes from biting them & giving them malaria that they don't have meds to cure... so they die.

I'm thankful today. I'm praising God today. Crappy day? no way, I am blessed... BIG TIME. Thanks Jesus, for reminding me.


dubbe said...

P to the T to the L. Praise the Lord! Glad you see you discover the positive in it all, cuz you are so right Patrick. It may not be fun for you right now, but hey, that will make you enjoy tomorrow (ha, or next year) that much more, right?
Like the popular song sings: "Life Is A Highway!"

Anonymous said...

You could have done all that with like 10 inches of snow and ice on the ground. That's how my day started!

Anonymous said...

i said that i would take jack to the vet and you wouldn't let me go by myself. we both went and i believe i was the one who held him. and I'm FINE!!

patrick mitchell said...

ur fine, eh? hmmm... your throat shows otherwise.
and you said you would take Jack by yourself in the "girl code language".
you know what i'm talking about right guys? like when your wife or gf says = "sure, you go to the game with all your friends & i'll just stay home by myself on valentine's day!"

& i held jack down too... some.

Anonymous said...

Right on Bro!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello! :)