Wednesday, October 27, 2010

my wife has never looked more beautiful

my wife has never looked more beautiful...than when she was serving and loving the poor in Kenya this past month.

i know she wasn't all "fixed up" with makeup or fancy clothes... but to me... seeing her loving orphans... serving the poor... wow.
i don't think she has ever looked more beautiful than that.
i tear up just thinking about it.

just looking at these brings a smile to my face and tears to my eyes.

of course, my wife doesn't need to do anything to look hot. she does that without trying. but this was a whole new level of beautiful
it's hard to explain. it may not make sense to you, & yeah, maybe some would argue that she looks "prettier" when we go uptown on a date... but to me - she has never looked more beautiful.

i fall in love with her more all the time.

Crystal, thanks for taking the risk & going on the adventure together. thanks for being a trooper through all the crazy stuff. and thanks for letting your heart come out making you look more beautiful than i ever imagined.
i am awestruck

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