Thursday, October 7, 2010

never even knew their parents

many of these kids Crystal and i have been living with never even knew their parents. they died when they were so young that they can't even remember them.

they are so excited to show us some of the pictures they have. most of them have been in the Daraja Children's Choir in the past so they've been at Big Stuf, Catalyst, etc... & peeps took pics with them and gave them copies. so they have photo albums and are so proud to show them off.

Francis and his little sister Hannah wanted to show us their photo album. it was mainly pics from Big Stuf and choir pics.
but they had one wrinkled up photo stuck in the front of the album.

it was an African lady holding a baby and then a small boy standing beside her (maybe 3-4 years old.)
Francis had stepped away, so i asked Hannah - "who is that?"

"That was my mother... and that's Francis and the baby is me."

i thought i was prepared for that moment - i mean, we're living at an orphanage and all. all of their parents are dead. it still hit me hard though... looking at that picture that they obviously cherish. probably the 1 family photo they have.

then Crystal asked her, "What happened to your mother?"

"I don't know. I can't remember her."

Then i lost it. i couldn't hold back the tears. my heart hurt for this little girl Hannah who is the sweetest kid in the world. my heart hurts for Francis who is 16 just fighting for the chance to be somebody.
even now i can't hold back the tears.

Their mother died when Hannah was 1. so, Francis was like 4 maybe? sitting on the front steps the next day i asked him, "do you know what happened to your mother?"

"I don't know. No one can tell me."

i can't imagine that. i can't imagine not even knowing. 
it makes me so thankful for my parents. it makes me thankful that God blessed me with amazing parents who love me and who i got to see every day growing up.
it makes me thankful for Joseph and Salome who all these kids call "mom" & "dad"! pretty cool. they started this orphanage and took in Hannah and Francis and 40something others... i'm thankful for that. i think every child in the world should have a father and mother. and with all the millions of orphans in the world, if it has to be a "stand in dad" at an orphanage, then so be it.

most of all it made me thankful for the FATHER OF THE FATHERLESS like i wrote about yesterday HERE. (Psalm 68:4-6)
it makes me thankful that "the Defender of orphans is STRONG and will take up their case." (Proverbs 23:10-11)
it makes me so thankful that God watches over & sustains the orphans! (Psalm 146:9)

it makes me happy for them. i don't feel "sorry" for them. my heart is absolutely broken for their pain and the situation of not even having their parents. but not "sorry" for them, because they automatically have the best Father in the world! God is their HELPER (Psalm 10:14) and i praise Him for that.

i look at these beautiful kids so full of life and joy & my eyes fill with tears and my heart fills with love. they laugh, play, sing, have fears and dreams... 

There are millions more just like them.

they just need us to give them a chance. like someone gave these kids a chance...
and gave them a family

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