Friday, November 9, 2012

29 things to know before you hit 30

i finally finished this book i've been reading for a couple years now.
The Pocket Guide to Adulthood: 29 Things to Know Before You Hit 30

i felt a little extra urgency to finish it and i won't say why ;)

throughout the next few weeks... before a little deadline in my head... i'll be posting these 29 things to know before you turn 30.

if you're not 30 yet, then learn these things like i did - these things that are necessary to become a proper adult.
if you're already 30 then just smile a little condescending smile and think, "those kids..." or whatever it is old people say :)

but unfortunately, i'll be a proper adult before long and i'm pretty bummed about it.

big thanks to Jason Boyett - the Relevant mag & relevant books writer - for making this book both helpful and hilarious.

so, here's my reflections on the pocket guide i just digested... in the nick of time...

1  How to Cook Eggs a Bunch of Different Ways
i usually stick with making either over-easy eggs or scrambled depending on my mood. but now i know how to rock fried, poached, omelets, & hard-boiled. i guess this is something adults should know how to do.

2  Beware the Credit Card Debt Monkey
THANKFULLY this is something i learned around 23 or 24ish. so thankful. this should be in a book called 19 Things You Need to Know Before You Hit 20!!! because getting this at 29 is simply TOO LATE. credit cards suck.

3  How to Speak Good... er, Well
i really can't remember what i read about this. haha. it was about using the English language properly. if i rebel against that can i stay in my 20s and not be an adult? please.

4  First Dates are hard, Except in Hollywood
didn't need this one. i already had my last 1st date :)

5  How to Craft a Spectacularly Awesome Resume
don't plan on needing this one either. for a plethora of reasons.

and more of the 29 to come soon... just keep your eyes open.

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