Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Crystal quotes of the day #5 (break down pregnancy edition)

yep, Crystal quotes of the day are back.
the funniest and most popular seem to be the "pregnancy edition" quotes, of which there have been 2. you can read them HERE and HERE.

and i still have more "pregnancy edition" quotes saved up for later. really good ones :)

and i guess today can be considered a "pregnancy edition" as well because Crystal was pregnant when all these quotes took place... but add to that the fact that our car had just broken down.

*i think this took place about 1 week before Keira was born! we had just left our home & were headed out on a date. we were on I-77 about 3 miles from home when the car broke down under a bridge... and here are all the gloriously funny quotes i recorded for your laughter and mine.

    in the 1st moments of realizing we were broken down Crystal says:

CRYSTAL:  "How are we going to get home?"

ME:             "Walk? You know this is just rich people problems, right?"

CRYSTAL:  "Won't be rich people problems after we pay for this."

    i was trying to make the best of our sucky situation while we waited for the tow truck/wrecker - after deciding against walking :) it was supposed to be date night so i was trying to make the best of it... i said:

ME:             "There is nobody i would rather be broke down under a bridge with than you."

CRYSTAL:  (SIGH) "Me too... (THINKING)... except maybe somebody who could fix the car right away... But then I would trade you back."

ME:            (laughing out loud for a while in appreciation of her honesty that only a pregnant Crystal can speak with)

there were probably a lot more quotes that night but i can't even remember them now. i probably didn't write them down. maybe Crystal can remember when i ask her?

of course, we ended up waiting under that bridge for hours. but it was all good... turned about to be a fun date night after all.

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