Monday, April 21, 2008

a church that forgives its enemies? no...

you may remember a couple posts I wrote around Easter telling about how Ridge church joined with Kinetic church after most of their stuff was stolen & led their kid's environments, worshipped with them, etc... If you missed it, catch up by reading the posts here and here.

the love & unity in that day seemed like it was straight out of a book Jesus wrote or something... oh wait, it was. We hope that a movement like this will spread across the city - where every church will be all about making God famous and advancing His kingdom (not our own "church kingdoms"). If that wasn't enough, Kinetic's response to the thieves is really cool. check this video message their lead pastor Dave made for the guys who took their stuff.

2 different TV stations featured this story on their newscasts recently. Kinetic put up 5 billboards along I-85 here in Charlotte with some pretty funny messages to the trailer thieves. you can watch the videos of the news stories here and here.

Anyway, I just thought it was really cool to see Kinetic forgiving these guys who did them wrong. Seems like something else straight out of a book that Jesus wrote...

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Dan said...

Hey Patrick,

Ah yes, your friendly, resident push-backer has to make a comment on this one. So, I'm thrilled with Ridgechurch's reaching out to Kinetic. Admirable and decent. What I am not so thrilled about is Kinetic's billboards. (I'm fighting every urge I have to keep from writing a blistering blog article. Don't know that I'll win that battle.) am I supposed to explain to my 10 and 11 year olds as we drive down I-85 and see these gigantimundo billboards that say "Stealing from God? BALLSY."?

Thanks, Pastor and Kinetic Church for making my usual foray into the world of heavy traffic and raunchy billboards with my family even more difficult. In addition, I'm not thinking that they are going to have one bit of effect on someone carnal enough to steal from a church. They smell of "publicity hounding" which worked rather well for them. In addition, for the money that they are spending on primo billboard locations (last time I looked at renting them, it was $5K per month with a three month minimum and they have 4 of them that I've seen), they could replace a lot of that equipment.

Equally pathetic (to me) is the idea that they seem to have that they can "appeal" to the unregenerated by adopting the attitude and vernacular of the unregenerated. To me this comes off like an elementary kid who runs around swearing like a sailor or a 30-something trying to act like a teenager. They just look sad and people laugh at them behind their back. (BTW, I talked to a pagan guy not long ago who laughed hysterically at churches trying to be "cool and hip" in order to reach people like him. His words, "Do they not think we can see right through all that?")

I know guys in lockerrooms use terms like "ballsy" all the time -- even Christian guys. But c'mon--- these people represent an institution that is supposed to represent Christ. I think the billboards are as misguided as they are inappropriate.

But hey....that's just ME.