Thursday, September 10, 2009

sabbath is coming...

Tomorrow (Friday) is my sabbath. Pretty much every week Friday is my sabbath. And it has basically already started. I finish work on Thursday and then I basically force myself not to work again until Saturday morning.
It is unbelievably and inexplicably awesome when I get to truly experience it! It's a chance to take a deep breath and just rest in God for a day.

Sabbath is something I LOVE and want to be a natural part of my life, but it's so hard sometimes!

Like tomorrow for instance. There is SO MUCH work to do! but it's just going to have to wait until Saturday. that is so hard. But I've come to learn it is simply an act of worship and putting down my pride. You can read more along those lines and my "theology of Sabbath" HERE.

I really need things to remind me how important & VITAL Sabbath is for my life. Because it's easy for Friday to roll around and I just want to keep working.

I had a great reminder this morning sitting out on my porch swing watching it rain...
Here are some awesome words from Mark Buchanan in the book I've been reading - The Rest of God (double meaning intended).

"We stand ourselves down. We resist that which six days of coming and going, pushing and pulling, dodging and weaving, fighting and defending have bred into us. What we deny ourselves is all our well-trained impulses to get and to spend and to make and to master.
This day, we go in a direction we're unaccustomed to, unfamiliar with, that the other six days have made to seem unnatural to us. We do this, this traveling in the opposite direction, maybe for no higher reason at first than that God told us to do it.
But joy is found here.
The law of Sabbath is not legalistic. It is a command given to save us from ourselves."

And that's the way I feel. The past 6 days I've worked my butt off. And now tomorrow is "opposite day." It goes against every "driven" bone in my body. But it's worth it. It's non-negotiable. It's a gift from God to save me from myself."

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hassanpour said...

love your thoughts and quotes here; and in previous posts, as well. good stuff and thanks for sharing.