Thursday, September 17, 2009

rise & sing

I think Steve Fee is writing some of the most awesome worship songs for our generation. He says himself that he is simply trying to "put words to what the church wants to say to God."
I've written about his music before a few times. You can read one article HERE.

I'm really stoked about his brand new album - Hope Rising - coming out in less than a month! It hits iTunes & stores on Tuesday, October 6th. I've already heard several of the songs that are gonna be on there and they are AWESOME! They are gonna spread through the Church and already are. You can actually pre-order the album HERE.

Below I've posted a little video from Steve leading one of these awesome new songs @ Big Stuf. I actually wrote about the song on that very night when he played it at Big Stuf. You can read that HERE. It's just a little preview of what's gonna be on the new album. I've gotta warn you that it is extremely poor quality (video & audio)... but you can get the idea!

And there's a lot more where that came from on this upcoming album - like "God is Alive" and "Glory to God Forever" that has already become a favorite at Ridge.
You can check out all the songs & artwork for the album HERE.

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