Monday, July 20, 2009

@ Big Stuf

Big Stuf Day 1 is pretty much complete. We just finished our small group time & the guys are running out to jump in the pool at 11something pm.

(You can read what I wrote about Big Stuf camps last year HERE or just check out their website HERE... but I really don't feel like writing about it all again. I'll just say that Big Stuf is unbelievably AWESOME!)

Big thanks to my buddy Ryan for letting us bum a ride from Charlotte down here to Daytona Beach on the buses with his student ministry. Fast trip & we're all checked in to our hotel... on the beach. YES! I'm looking at the ocean waves right now as I right this.

UNFORTUNATELY, the website pics of this hotel would have to classify as a horrible case of FALSE ADVERTISING. Yeah, this place is nothing like the pics on the website. Crystal has already said "we're switching rooms"at least twice. I've talked her out of it though both times. We'll see what happens.
BUT the kids from Ridge don't notice a thing. they're lovin' life right now!

1st session was tonight with Steve Fee & his band leading us in worship along with some guests like = Chrystina Fincher, James David Carter, & Danny Dukes...
awesome awesome new song that Steve taught the few thousand of us tonight! (I'm guessing it's gonna be on his new album this fall = Hope Rising.)
I really think I'm gonna like the song. It's so awesome & it's kind of like a shouting song, so I can actually sing it well. perfect for kids to. Goes like...
"Our God is risen and reigning and we're elevating the glory of our God and King now everybody rise and sing"
(& then there's some fun repeat parts & Whoa whoa whoa's... too)

Steven Furtick from my awesome hometown of Charlotte spoke tonight. He was real with the kids & said a lot of frank stuff that was great for them to hear. & he was entertaining as always (although he was wearing a goofy shirt with a big fish on it... weird.)

Honestly, as far as production goes, it seems like the Big Stuf team is even more on their game than in past years. Maybe it's because they've got Bigstuf media now? I don't know, but the whole production was pretty sweet.

I'll try to update as much as I can about the fun we're having at Big Stuf & what God is doing in our lives. It's gonna be an awesome week. (I'll try to post some pics too.)

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