Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Big Stuf 09 - Day 2

Day 2 (Tuesday) @ Big Stuf 09 was awesome! (you can read Day 1 HERE.)

We kicked off the day with a little free breakfast from the hotel. The breakfast room looked out at the ocean, so that's always cool.

Our 1st session of the morning kicked off the way every session @ Big Stuf always kicks off... EVERY TIME... (after some kind of fun video or song)... MR. BIG STUF makes his entrance to officially begin. And his entrance always includes throwing out probably 20-40 Big Stuf frisbees into the audience while the band plays and sings the old Jean Knight song - Mr. Big Stuff... & of course Mr. Big Stuf is none other than Lanny Donoho, the creator of Big Stuf Camps (& also from North Point Community Church).

The Fee Band led us in more amazing worship during both our morning & evening session on Day 2. In fact... at night Lanny had to cut it off because he said "the people who work at the arena need to strap the roof down before all of you blow it right off during worship the next few nights." It was cool times. Kids are really lifting their hearts up to God and just going after it.

Perry Noble (Newspring) spoke in the morning session. He is one hilarious redneck! He told us all the story of how he ate tacos in the 6th grade right before the sit-ups test in P.E. & then the prettiest girl in school held his feet. On the 3rd sit-up he farted right in her face and "parted her hair". That's not good. Kids were rolling of course.(Then right after the session we went to lunch & ate tacos... of course we were all thinking of Perry!)

Perry presented the gospel during his talk & by my guess around 150-200 kids stood up and said they wanted to make the decision to follow Jesus and trust Him with their lives! Really awesome! crazy party in heaven that was kicked off right then! The angels were going crazy!

After lunch we all headed for the beach for a few hours of free time. they guys played some football & body surfed in the waves. The girls mainly chilled on the sand & @ the pool. When we all got tired we ended up back at the hotel rocking some Guitar Hero World Tour...

We carved out some Quiet Time for the students before dinner. we all went out to the beach & sat in the shade before sunset. Big Stuf provides some awesome Quiet Time stuff for every student.

Andy Stanley (one of our teaching pastors @ Ridge and lead pastor of NPCC) definitely didn't disappoint in the night session. He brought it with an awesome sex talk from 1 Corinthians 6:15-20. Bottom Line = "honor God with your body" REAL frank & relevant for the kids...not like the sex stuff we heard around church when we were growing up.
So, immediately after that talk our group from Ridge got to have some fun discussions about Andy's talk. good honest stuff.

I think some guys ordered a cheesesteak @ 2:30 in the morning? anyway, great 2nd day. Looking forward to more awesome stuff today & fun on the beach!

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Stephen said...

Hey, I was at Bigstuf Daytona as well, and i was wondering if there is any where we can get the video of Andy's sex talk? I would really like to show that again to my youth group. I've checked the bigstuf website but didn't see it.