Wednesday, July 15, 2009

i'm tired...

i'm tired & don't really feel like writing a blog. I'm just being honest.

I'm so wasted that I've got a bunch of stuff written already & just don't have the mental energy to post it on here.
I will post tomorrow though. Maybe "quotes of the week" for this week OR part 2 in the 7 practices series? ("Think Steps Not Programs")

I'll be all over the place the next few weeks. Similar to last summer. I've got some PIMP guys writing guest blogs for me. They'll be WAY better than what I normally write. I can't wait to post them while I'm on my travels and might not always have internet access.
I'll still be writing stuff too and posting it of course, just not every day. But with the guest blogs there will be something on renown almost every day for the next few weeks!
peace til tomorrow...

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