Thursday, July 2, 2009

quotes of the week #8

Just like I said... I'm gonna try to post "Quotes of the Week" once a week for at least 6 weeks. We'll see how this goes. Tell me if you like it. You can read the disclaimer & explanation of "Quotes of the Week" HERE. [& my thoughts are in brackets]
There are some stellar quotes, and as always we lead off with the #1 quote of the week...

“There exists in every church something that sooner or later works against the very purpose for which it came into existence. So we must strive very hard, by the grace of God, to keep the church focused on the mission that Christ originally gave to it.” – C.S. Lewis, c'mon... he needs no intro right? [we talk about this so much at Ridge Church. Just look around at all the jacked churches you see or have been in. They used to be more focused on the Mission! something internally took their focus off mission.]

“Which is more messed up? The fact that we have so much more than everyone else or the fact that we don’t think we’re rich?”Francis Chan, author & Pastor of Cornerstone... [I think they're equally messed up. We need to even things out a little more. This guy is a pimp when it comes to talking about living like Jesus wants us to in regard to $]

"Be who you are and say what you feel,
because those who mind don't matter
and those who matter don't mind." - Dr. Seuss, masterful author [awesome. I love it from the Doc!]

“If you’re going to make it your goal to please church people you will lose every time. They’re the ones that killed Jesus.” – Perry Noble, pastor of NewSpring (@ orange 09) [I've been following him more lately because he has a LOT of good stuff to say.]

“God does not prosper a man’s business so he can move from a Ford to a BMW. God prospers a business so that thousands of unreached peoples can be reached with the gospel. He prospers a business so that 20% of the world’s population can move a step back from the precipice of starvation.” – John Piper, author & pastor [we're blessed to be a blessing! it's hard to get too much of this guy. Gold just rolls off his lips.]

“My goal is to speak the truth in love. There are a lot of people speaking the truth with no love, and there are a lot of people talking about love without much truth.” – Shane Claiborne, ordinary radical & author [he's so right. & he seems to strike a balance on many things people are off on similar to this.]

“The church was birthed out of the mission of God, and not the other way around.” – Mike Erre, author & teaching Pastor @ Rock Harbor [man, this is SO right on. I think that many in the church have got it TOTALLY backwards!]

Give your mental time to solve problems that you can actually solve. Then draw a line & give the rest of the stuff to God.” – Chris Brown, my pastor, mentor & boss @ Ridge Church [easier said than done for most of us! This is basically a spiritual discipline & I have to work at it! (he drops stuff like this all the time... no telling when he said it.)]

“If you have the power, it can be hard to understand the voice of those who have no power.” – Rob Bell, author & Pastor @ Mars Hill [speaking to us Americans & our probably skewed thinking of the poor in the 2/3 world.]

"Preach like there's one 18 year old kid in the crowd who is giving this one last shot. That will fuel your passion." Andy Stanley, author & pastor @ North Point (@ orange 09) [oh yeah, gold drops from this guy's lips too... just like Piper above.]

"Theological fitness is useless without the affections."Scott Grace, friend and fellow bro on the journey of pursuing Jesus [from a private email to me, so I hope it’s ok that it makes quotes of the week. I had to because it is SO RIGHT ON & needs to be realized in many avenues of the Church! Scott is an awesome thinker & you should totally read his blog. He's way more articulate & eloquent than me!]

Your life and my life are, each of them, one-of-a-kind. No one has lived your life or my life before, and no one will ever live them again. Our lives are unique stones in the mosaic of human existence—priceless and irreplaceable.” – Henri J.M. Nouwen, late author & priest [awesome thought from Life of the Beloved]

Hope you were diggin' these.
Which quote is your favorite? What do you think about some of these?

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