Wednesday, July 16, 2008

when & where will it come from???

I've been having a little race with myself (that no one else knows about except my wife now - & about to be all you guys too) here at renown. Since I started this blog in January I've been wondering which will win the race - my 100th post OR the 5,000th visitor to the blog?
Well, I think we'll have our answer shortly. I'm about 5 posts shy of 100 (which will be a momentous occassion... just you wait!) & the 5,oooth visitor should be within the next 24 hours.
(Not that it's a big deal because this guy John whose blog is like the funniest ever had his 1 millionth page view recently. renown has had like 9K page views. haha, so mine's no biggie, just fun to follow.)

*So now the question is... when will it happen and where will the hit come from. It's been fun 
to watch where people are who read renown. Seems like crazy cities from everywhere in the U.S... hundreds I've never heard of. the crazy thing is that people from over 100 countries have stumbled across this blog. And I think there's only like 200 countries in the whole world or something! It's fun when I see hits from places like Jamaica, Japan, India, South Africa, Zambia, Germany, Israel, Switzerland, Australia, Czech Republic, Yemen, New Zealand, Egypt, Fiji, & tons tons more places across the globe.
I'm hoping that epic 5,000th hit comes from some exotic land. Then again, watch it be from Charlotte, NC. When it happens I'll post all the info (city, time, computer IP addy, etc...) & then if it was you with the 5,000th hit you can comment & maybe I can give you a prize... probably not though. haha.

The 100th post will be coming soon too, so look out for that. 
I'm hoping to still blog almost every day, but my schedule is pretty crazy over the next month or so:
- Leaving tomorrow to be in a friend's wedding in Detroit, MI & then drive through the night Saturday night to be back at Ridge on Sunday afternoon...
- After Ridge on Sunday the staff takes off for N*Rich @ North Point. (which I guess is a secret because I can't find a website when I google it... basically a pimp conference for the 13 strategic partner/plants.)
- We're back in town for a few days and then Crystal and I leave Monday (28th) with a group of AWESOME high schoolers for Daytona Beach, FL! gonna be awesome. We'll be at the greatest student camp in the country all week. I love chillin' with high schoolers at camp at the beach... God does some cool stuff there.
- We get back on the weekend just in time for our 1st ever Family Birthday Celebration at Ridge on sunday, August 3rd. (That's gonna be INCREDIBLE!)
- Crystal and I will leave that night or the next morning for vacation @ an undisclosed location (where my cell phone will be turned off).

all that to say... crazy times comin' up, but I love it. It's going to be a fun month.


Prodigal Jon said...

Thanks for mentioning my site, stuff christians like. I dig a lot of the same people you do (andy stanley, louie etc.) Keep doing what you're doing

Kelvin said...

interesting race. dude how do you know how many page hits you've had though? how do you find that out?