Friday, August 5, 2011

happy anniversary - 6 years!

happy 6 year anniversary to my amazingly beautiful and loving wife, Crystal. she's as perfect as it gets. not sure how i'm so blessed to have a wife like her.

the last 6 years have been awesome. some days i can't believe it's even been that long.

today it's raining and storming pretty fierce. August 5th 6 years ago it was crazy hot. i can still remember that day like it was yesterday. i can remember tearing up when the most beautiful bride of all time stepped out of that limo and i saw her for the 1st time.

i can't imagine living my life with anyone else. Crystal, you're my best friend. thanks for being so good to me.
it's only gonna get better. happy anniversary.


JT said...

I remember that day and it WAS hot! And Crystal was gorgeous! Happy Anniversary!!

JT said...

This was from Abby . Jt's Blogger was signed in. Oops.

patrick mitchell said...

thanks Abby!