Wednesday, August 10, 2011

hard lesson in pursuing a vision

i know there are TONS of lessons to learn in pursuing a vision. and i want to learn them. i prefer learning the hard lessons from others who have been there & done that.
one thing that i know is hard for visionaries to understand is when everybody else isn't as pumped up about your vision as you are? how could they not be, right?
i read something recently that i think is a valuable lesson for me and anybody else pursuing a vision. John Maxwell wrote about a time he asked someone to follow him into this new vision and they didn't want to go. didn't feel like they should. he was really bummed. then his wife said this:

“Your problem is that you want to take everybody with you. But not everyone is going to go on the journey. Let it go.”

thanks for the advice Mrs. Maxwell. well said.

not everyone will, should, and/or CAN take the journey. and i'm ok with that.

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