Tuesday, May 20, 2008

props for my fav magazine

If you've ever checked my listing of magazine links (to the right) you've noticed that my #1 fav is Relevant magazine. I love this magazine! It's a great day each month when I find one in the mailbox. I've been tracking with these guys almost since they started the magazine & plan on subscribing until I die. They recently celebrated their 5 year anniversary with a stellar issue looking back over some of the highlights from the 1st 5 years of Relevant.

What kind of magazine is Relevant? The title tells all - it is a magazine of all things relevant. I feel like it's a magazine made especially for me... which means they're hitting their demographic dead on = mainly early 20s - early 30s. It's definitely some of my favorite reading material. A Christian magazine that sees everything as spiritual (like myself) so half their stuff is considered by many to be "secular" (a genre which doesn't really exist, but more on that another time). Basically everything that me & my peeps (Mosaics & Busters) care about = spirituality, music, books we might like, entertainment, life stuff, and the pimpest (yes it's a word even if i did make it up!) interviews EVER. Interviewees range from peeps like Bono & Matis Yahu to Johnny Piper & Tony Jones. And most of the orgs you find linked to your right are commonly promo'd in Relevant as well. They even had an issue with an idiot's guide to the '08 election which I was lovin' because I'm a straight up idiot when it comes to politics. I guess my favorite thing about Relevant is I feel like (as far as my generation is concerned) they are helping lead the charge for the poor in the world. They're making a huge difference.

To sum it up, my fav magazine contains everything relevant in today's culture... pretty cool stuff. I HIGHLY recommend you subscribe! (only like $20 for 2 years. can't beat that.) At least check out their website which is money. Complete with sweet blogs, an awesome store, polls you can participate in, videos on relevant tv, and Ks of articles you can read.

Shortly (probably tomorrow) I'll start frequently sharing some posts with random quotes I think are baller that I've read that week from all different places & you can bet many of them will have originated in Relevant Magazine. Because this is one magazine I never leave home without... that's the truth.

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Anonymous said...

dude, i love this magazine. ive been getting it for almost a year or so. its been great to thrumb through and as you, i love the interviews. i for some reason also enjoy the advertisments. i love looking at the colleges/seminaries, ministry resources, and just cool stuff that people are throwing around these days. great suggestion.