Saturday, June 28, 2008

random, interesting, and even funny stuff.

I talked about my all time favorite magazine here a while back. But, my 2nd favorite that I've had a subscription to for several years is Christianity Today. Here's just a couple things in there that I thought were interesting.

- Here's something John McCain said (you know, the guy who is running for president). "I condemn remarks that are, in any way viewed as anti-anything." = to which I said "WHAT?" When you read it in context like I did it makes even less sense. I think he's contradicting his own statement because when he condemns those "remarks" = that's pretty much an anti-something statement. Anyway, this is partly why politics give me a headache and I try to stay out of them. (btw - This is in no way an endorsement of either presidential candidate.)

- OK, Sheri Klouda was a Hebrew professor at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary but was terminated by the president because he believed "her teaching role exceeded the SBC's limitations on women in church leadership." Are you kidding me? That's a REAL stretch. And didn't you know she was a woman when you hired her for the position!?!?!? Klouda now teaches at Taylor University. Apparently they don't consider their school a church. (you can read the short snippet from the mag here or just google her name and read all about that crazy situation...)

- Ok, I read a really cool and interesting article titled "Rise of the Rebel Virgins". I think you can actually read it here. The gist is that there is a movement among intellectual university students to resist the hookup culture and save their virginity until marriage, not for biblical reasons, but because it makes sense. Lots of virginity clubs springing up like Harvard's True Love Revolution and Princeton's Anscombe Society. They ground their decision in philosophical ethics and the proven scientific negative affects of recreational sex. Pretty cool trend... I wonder what will happen in the future in relation to their view of Scripture.

- I thought this was kind of interesting = Cedarville University terminated a tenured Bible professor in '07 and the board of trustees recently upheld that decision. The professor had apparently openly criticized fellow faculty members for encouraging (in their opinion) postmodern or Emergent theology. Cedarville's president said the tenured professor wasn't fired for theological reasons, but for violating the University's standards, "involving how you treat each other, how you talk about each other, etc..." That's pretty interesting. A University that upholds LOVE and ACTION over theology. Cedarville no doubt disagrees with those professors so-called "Emergent theology" but disagreed more so with the tenured professors' lack of love (which I'm pretty sure Jesus said is most important and I don't remember Him saying much about "Emergent theology.")

anyway, just stuff I read yesterday I thought was interesting. I also started reading book (because of my insane reading ADD) that looks like it will be pretty pimp = Renewing the Center: Evangelical Theology in a Post-Theological Era by the late, great Stanley Grenz. I'll keep you posted.
*I'm planning on posting the 2nd edition of "What's in my iPod" tomorrow. peace until then.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your comments about CU's firing. From someone that was on campus during most of that time, the gossip and slander that went on was un Christ-like. CU definitely holds to truth and would not support false doctrines...that is for sure. But I was happy to see they removed the cancer.

Anonymous said...

I would also agree with your comments about Cedarville's firing. Being a current student at Cedarville and watching this incident unfold, it always reminds me of how hard Satan is continually working to distract us from our purpose. We must always be in prayer, asking that we would not be distracted by Satan's efforts but continually stand firm for the truth of Jesus Christ.