Friday, March 27, 2009

andy, louie, & twitter (weekend randomness)

Louie Giglio & Andy Stanley have been best friends since Jr. High. Hearing Andy communicate often at Ridge we get to hear A LOT of "Andy & Louie" stories that are usually pretty funny!

Louie's latest post said that the next few Passion podcasts are going to be with him and Andy! you don't want to miss listening to that. The 1st one is already up... check it out HERE.

*Also, Seth Godin has one of the most popular blogs in the world. I like the guy. I heard him speak a few times & he even gave me (and 12K other peeps) a free copy of his newest book - Tribes. He wrote a post recently about the phenomenon that is Twitter. You can read what the cultural & marketing GENIUS of our decade has to say about this dominant social media trend HERE.

Some good, fresh, and reflective stuff 'bout to be served up here on renown in the next week...

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