Friday, November 6, 2009

New York Yankees - World Series Champions

Congratulations to my boys!

pure joy! celebration! excited like a little kid. That's how I've been feeling since right before midnight on Wednesday.

these last 3 days are all celebration because once again the Yankees are World Series Champions! Champions of the world for the 27th time! Which is absolutely unbelievable and will never be matched.

It brought back so many memories last night - memories from '96-2000 when we owned the major leagues. That was all of high school for me. I got spoiled. My team was the best.

The memories are flooding back. I brought back my old ritual of wearing my Yankees hat to school the next day after we won the World Series. Yesterday I wore it to work all day. (Unfortunately I couldn't carry my large broom around all day like I did for the '98 & '99 World Series sweeps.)

It's a great time to be alive! I'm so nostalgic right now. I'm so happy for the "core 4" = Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada, & Andy Pettite. I love those guys!  And even Girardi too because he was our catcher too back in the day. only wish my original fav player - Don Mattingly -  could have hung around as hitting coach to be a part of this!

So, today is the parade in NYC. I wish so bad I could be there! But I'll be watching it on TV at 11am. (Coverage starts at 10am.) I can't think of anything better to be doing on my sabbath. Just chillin' with my wife celebrating the Yankees all day!

Congratulations boys! I am so proud!
And I can already feel the repeat next year!

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Louise said...

The Yankees have achieved a level of success in the world of baseball that is so gaudy, so well known, and so storied picking a handful of players to call their all time best is no easy task. They should be always competitive enough to keep pace with the others. I used to attend their games even their tickets get sold out. Luckily I fond , now I’ll before compare prices before getting tickets. Go Yankees!!