Saturday, November 7, 2009

ridge peeps & a few hundred homeless people...

Wow. What an amazing day.
I am honored and ridiculously pumped to be a part of this movement called Ridge Church. My heart was broken and overjoyed all at the same time today. This morning we were doing what I think Jesus would be up to in Charlotte. We were moving the Kingdom of God forward. We were being "The Church."

Today we pooled a lot of resources and used them to bless "the least of these"... the homeless living on the streets in downtown Charlotte. I must have talked to a dozen felons, drug addicts, and hundreds of broken people... the "outcasts" of society... the ones Jesus brought good news for!

And that's what we wanted to do today = bring them the good news that they are not forgotten! God has not forgotten them and neither have His people... the Church.
We gave away hundreds of winter coats, blankets, winter survival kits, bag lunches, pizza, bottled water, gloves, winter hats, socks, etc... etc...

There was a lot of joy flowing freely today. There always is when the Kingdom breaks through on earth here & now. God was pretty happy...
I'll write way more about this later + put up a lot of pics & probably some video. Awesome start to our "NOW Project"!

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