Friday, October 15, 2010



kiu SANA = so so thirsty. that's what i was the other day walking home with the kids from Havilla. i hadn't had a drink all day.

Many times I have thought to myself regarding the water crisis in Africa – “If you know the water is not clean and drinking it will make you sick… and even kill you – then why drink it?”
Easy for me to say.

Easy to think until you’ve walked in a thirsty man’s shoes.
i walked by a FILTHY river and would gladly have drank from it! KNOWING that it would make me sick. i had to force myself not to stop and drink from it.

today is "Blog Action Day" and the cause is Clean Water. I've written about this so many times before here on renown. HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE and more times than i can list...

The stats make us cringe. kids dying every day because they don't have something as simple as water.

But those are just stats. 
And those stats represent individual stories. Deaths. 

I was affected by one of those stories just last week in Africa. it's a little too fresh to tell right now... maybe tomorrow or some time within the next week.

it's almost time for Advent Conspiracy to crank up again with Living Water International, but here is ANOTHER awesome way you can donate your birthday to save lives through Charity Water... check this out HERE! Will Smith thought it was a good idea... maybe join him in donating your b-day?

OK, so we just got back to America today. lots of processing our trip to Africa going down here on renown very soon.

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