Saturday, October 2, 2010

"they don't know what's inside us"

we've been at the Havilla Children's Home (orphanage) since Wednesday. it has been amazing. (just not much time to write blogs - with 47 orphans all vying for your time!)

i love them all so much already. i know there is an extremely special place in God's heart for orphans. He is their father since they don't have one. He is their defender and protector since they don't have a parent to do that.

This is Elias. he's pretty amazing. he is 17 (the oldest) and he's been here the longest (5 years). he & his little bro (Kevin) were the 1st 2 orphans. he's been through some crazy rough times.
at the orphanage we all get together at night and worship, pray, and someone or even a couple peeps shares stuff from the Bible. Here's part of what Elias said last night. i just had to scribble it down really fast:

"All the people say us orphans are just dirty, poor kids. They say 'those orphans have no hope.' They don't know what's inside us. God is very strong. I didn't die yesterday. I'm still alive today. God is good and has a plan for us. We can see God working every day. We have all the reason in the world to say thanks to God." - Elias

he's a big time leader. i can see leadership qualities in him all the time & he's already living the role of a leader where he's at. i really believe God is going to do big things with him.
he wants to be a Doctor. he sits for his exam to go to high school in about 5 weeks.

i believe in him. i believe in all of them. because people DO forget WHO is inside of them. and God IS strong.

thanks, God.

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