Sunday, October 10, 2010


we love to pull for the underdog. that's why we love March Madness... just sitting there hoping some unknown 14 seed will knock off a 3 seed.

orphans are pretty much underdogs. an orphan may be the epitome of an underdog. no one gives them a chance. i mean, how can you have any chance in life when you grow up with out parents? when you grow up in an orphanage and have no money.
orphans will never make anything of their lives.

people who say that are forgetting something very important. rather, SOMEONE very important.

"...His name is the LORD.
A Father to the fatherless..." - Psalm 68:4-5

I got to speak at church this morning to a whole bunch of orphans. this is what i told them. and i also told them that God warned the whole world:
because "their Defender is strong; He will take up their case against You." - Proverbs 23:11
i'm pretty sure you would rather face Jack Bauer.
i told them that they are "God's handiwork" = God made them so so special. He is their masterpiece & He created them to do good works. (Ephesians 2:10)

i got a chance to tell them that "God wants to use YOU in big ways for His glory!"
they all said it together with me several times... pointing to themselves:
and anyone else who tells you different is lying. if you think God can't use you for something great... it's a lie.

we've fallen in love with these kids, but God has loved them since before they were born. since before their parents died and they became orphans. 

i told them that Crystal and I believe in them and we always will.
but most importantly, God believes in them. He made them as a masterpiece and He made them to do good works... for His glory.

even though they are "underdogs".

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