Wednesday, November 10, 2010

what Elias & Doris are NOT doing today

There were only a couple Class 8 students at the Havilla orphanage we lived at in Kenya. Class 8 is a big deal because at the end of the year you take a HUGE exam that 100% determines if you move from Primary school into Secondary School (High School). for a lot of kids this one test determines their future - whether they will continue to live in poverty their entire lives... or whether they might actually have a shot at life by getting an education.

there's a lot of pressure riding on this one exam where all your past grades are thrown out and it comes down to this 1 test.

this is Elias and Doris. Both in class 8. And this is what they were doing A LOT! locked in this quiet room away from everyone else - STUDYING hard.

but i can tell you what Elias and Doris are NOT doing today...
that's for dang sure.

because the big exam was Monday. it's all over. the pressure is off. well... sort of. school is out and they have had their graduation ceremony. summer break has begun and they don't start again until January 1st. BUT... they won't find out their exam scores for like another month!

but at least it's over.
Crystal and i tried calling Elias this past weekend just to let him and the others know we were praying for them to do AWESOME on their big exam and that we BELIEVE in them.

we talked to Joseph (the director) and they went looking for Elias, but, like always he was off hiding somewhere studying. :)
we can't wait to call and actually talk to him within the next week.

i miss all these kids. a lot.

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