Tuesday, November 9, 2010

when is your birthday?

Seriously. when is your birthday? i love to tell people HAPPY BIRTHDAY" on their special day.
you know right off the top of your head right? the day you turn the next year old, the next age... you don't really have to think about that date, right?

This is Abraham. he is one of my homeboys who lived at the orphanage Crystal and i were at for a couple weeks.
Abraham is one of the oldest of all the orphans who live there.

One day Crystal and i were out milking the cows with Elias (the oldest) and Abraham. I was asking when their birthdays were. Elias had just turned 17 in August. Abraham is 16 so i asked a simple question:

me - "When do you turn 17?"

Abraham - "This year."

me - "Yeah, i know this year, but what day? When is your birthday?"

Abraham - "I don't know when my birthday is, it's just some time this year."

me - "wait. so you just pick a day and from then on you're 17?"

Abraham - "yes."

me - "well, is it today? Maybe today is your birthday? We could throw your birthday party if you turn 17 today."

Abraham - "no, it's not today. i don't feel 17 yet. it will be later this year."

what a weird conversation. i've never had one like that before. it honestly made me really really sad that he had no idea when he was born.
Abraham and so many of these kids just don't know anything about their story - where they came from, who their family is, what their dad was like, etc...  that makes me sad.

but to Abraham it's just the way life is. and he just went on milking the cows... as a 16 year old. (we think).

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