Wednesday, January 19, 2011

top 10 posts from 2010

i usually try to look back over the previous year and pick out some of my favorite writings.

As i tried to pick out a top 10 list from 2010 i noticed i had 2 lists = my top 10 regular blogs and then the top 10 while i was in Kenya (or post-Kenya about Kenya). so, here are my favorites

My top 10 "regular" blogs:
"NOT OK (Africa)" = HERE 
"on cars and the kingdom" = HERE
"i got a new car!" = HERE
the top 10 peeps i would hang out with = 4 post series:
  10 fictional people i would hang out with
  10 peeps @ my man cave party
  10 dead people i would hang out with
"that's easy for you to say" = HERE
"how i want to live after i make a mistake" = HERE
"the dilemma" = HERE
"rev (a special night)" = HERE
"my top 10 most memorable Passion moments" = HERE
"up in the air - to Kenya" = HERE

Top 10 Kenya blogs:
"How i learned about radical forgiveness from an orphan" = HERE
"My wife has never looked more beautiful" = HERE
"what i miss and don't miss about Kenya" = HERE
"meet Joseph and see why clean water matters" = HERE

"Soweto (my trip to the slum)" = HERE
"never even knew their parents" = HERE
"Nyaga (Peter) = Amazing" = HERE
"Erick Base Kiria" = HERE
"no matter what" = HERE
"why do you let it happen?" = HERE

any favorites for you?

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