Thursday, July 23, 2009

Big Stuf 09 - Day 3

Day 3 @ Big Stuf was awesome! (You can read about Day 1 HERE & Day 2 HERE).

The day kicked off with the 1st session around 9:30 = with the Daraja Children's Choir! It's all connected to the 410 Bridge which is an awesome ministry out of Big Stuf to advance the Kingdom of God in Kenya... (You may have seen it before over on the right of this blog.)
They are always awesome and always rock the hearts of the kids (& mine).

Big Stuf always partners with Compassion as well (which you all know I am ALL ABOUT!) & specifically targets children in Kenya! AMAZINGLY cool that one of our students from Ridge so far has adopted a Compassion child this week. He is 6 years old and his name is Marco (& no his last name isn't "Polo"... I can't really spell his last name or else I would write it on here.)
Hundreds of kids have been sponsored by these students and that puts a big smile on God's face!

I ran into Andy Stanley here @ camp. He was asking me all about Ridge and what God is up to & had some encouraging words for us. He knew some behind the scenes stuff about our church and was asking me about all that. And he asked how our kids were liking camp, etc... & I said "great since you talked about sex for 45 minutes..." just kidding, I didn't tell them that.
Later he bumped into Crystal & talked with her for like 20 minutes at Starbucks. Pretty cool, brilliant, HUMBLE, and great guy!

Speaking of Andy, he spoke at the night session & it was all about the Cross! It was powerful. Our kids were definitely affected by it. HUNDREDS of teens stood up to let everyone know that they were for the 1st time declaring they were all out going to follow Jesus with their lives.

I learned a valuable lesson as well. Pizza, middle school girls, middle school guys, being at the beach, a long day of fun & trying to have a group discussion about the cross will only work for about 10 minutes... after that it's all over. Learn something new every day I guess.
Day 3 was a great day for sure.

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Son of Emery said...

bro, looks like you're having a lot of fun. praying for you and your mom. peace.