Tuesday, August 4, 2009

1st guest blogger intro

As I said in the last post HERE I will be on vacation in Seabrook Island for 10 days celebrating 4 years of marriage with my beautiful bride! Therefore I've got guest bloggers lined up each day.

The 1st post will be by a good friend of mine = Kris Hassanpour. Kris is awesome and loves having some crazy fun. He lived in a sweet trailer park when I was in college in Florida and I can remember hanging out over there with some other friends living the life. Actually it was really good times after Hurricane Ivan when his whole trailer park flooded and his stuff was floating down the road like a river! I remember sneaking over there after curfew to watch Saw (the 1st one) & stuff like that...

He's married to Joanne and they have a son named Braylon.

Kris recently got his Master's degree in theology from seminary & he lives & works in Virginia Beach. He is fluent in sign language & does some sweet work with that + ministers with an Acts 29 church plant in that VA Beach area.

Kris & I have bonded because we both have the same passion for God's fame to be spread to everyone and everywhere. We've had some really awesome talks over the past few years about life and ministry. I count him as a great friend & I look forward to you reading his stuff.

*Disclaimer for ALL guest blogs = my disclaimer could really be the same as for my "Quotes of the Week" series. (You can read that disclaimer HERE.)
The disclaimer is that I support all of these guest bloggers that will be appearing here on renown over the next 10 days & we're totally on the same team! but that doesn't mean I necessarily agree with them in everything. In fact, I DO NOT agree with these guys about everything. That'd be weird if I did. In fact, I may not agree with everything they write in their guest blogs... but I'm posting it anyway because I think they're worthy to be read.

So, read them, enjoy them, disagree with them, comment on them... let's start some conversation about them! They're going to be awesome & I would love for us all to discuss them together!

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