Monday, August 31, 2009

ridge student ministry launch

I would've blogged about this leading up to the launch, but as you can see I took a "blogging break" since last Tuesday. More like I was crazy busy and had no time to blog about it.

Yesterday we launched our full on student ministry = Student Impact. It's during our 9AM adult worship service, but opens @8:45 for some food & Wii, chill time, etc...

The environment we created looked awesome! We'll put some pics up later.
We started a sweet series called "Rhythm". The house was PACKED! Literally. Not only no more room for students in the environment, but there were peeps in the hallway looking through the doorway + kids sitting behind me in the corner looking at my back while I was up front. You can't even call it "standing room only" because there wasn't any more standing room either. Crazy but awesome.

The foundation are our student small groups that kicked off yesterday as well. We have a group of stud adult Small Group Leaders that love these students & God is going to use over the long haul to do cool stuff in their hearts! These middle school girls grabbed a spot outside to chill & have discussion together...

This is only the beginning, but the start of something revolutionary.

*Pics coming soon of Student Impact stuff + pics of our Upstreet set for this month = LOVE - DJ/Club/dance party/disco ball/KLUV radio with our smooth DJ/MC = B-Love ... looks SWEET!



the burchard bunch said...

yesterday was amazing! Paige had a GREAT time:) THANKS for all your hard work!!

Anonymous said...

Incredible launch!

Rhythm is a great series...we did it last spring, we challenged each small group to come up with an expression of Rhythm...a dance, a movie clip, a song, stomp routine...whatever they could come up with.

Here's the link to our challenge:

Here's a link to our winner: