Monday, August 10, 2009

guest blogger intro (pseudonym)

If you remember it is "Guest Blog Week" here on renown. There were 2 awesome posts with Kris Hassanpour's thoughts on the gospel which you can read HERE and HERE.

Today I am very proud and honored to introduce you to a good friend of mine who happens to be brilliant. His name is... well... he actually requested that I not use his name. He'll be an anonymous guest blogger.

So, I'm giving him a pseudonym. We'll call this friend of mine "Winston Smith".
A pseudonym is simply a fictitious name authors sometimes use. I learned about this when I was a teenager reading & devouring everything I could get my hands on from my favorite author = Stephen King. I was reading up all his books & then I discovered Richard Bachman. He was King's pseudonym. He even had a pic, a wife, and King wrote several books with his name to throw people off the trail. but of course he didn't really exist. he was fictitious. pretty cool. Maybe tomorrow I'll have a pic for Winston Smith?

I don't even want to say how I know this friend out of respect for his anonymity. I will say that I have known him for several years, but have become much better friends in the last couple years. We have similar thoughts on many things & love to talk about God & life, etc... when we get the chance.

I love to read this guy's thoughts as often as he writes, so now it's my privilege to have you read his thoughts as well. The next blog post will be his & it's his "Thoughts on Scripture." I hope you enjoy.

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