Tuesday, August 25, 2009

quotes of the week #11

Read about the "quotes of the week" series & the disclaimer HERE.

1st we lead off with the #1 Quote of the Week!
“LIVE SIMPLY THAT OTHERS MAY SIMPLY LIVE.” – bumper sticker I saw the other day [this is the philosophy I try to live my whole life by. This might become a secondary life motto for me!]

Fiction has to make sense. Truth does not.”
The International, the movie, said by an old communist General with the IBBC... [I heard that and had to pause the movie! There is so much truth to that statement and so many implications on so many levels! It might be a whole blog article one day!]

HOW we communicate, lead, produce, and facilitate is as important as WHAT we communicate, lead, produce, and facilitate.” – Joel Thomas, North Point Singles Director, @ Drive '09 [churches need to hear way more of that!]

"This is the gospel: God has tossed out the books." - Rob Bell , author & pastor @ Mars Hill Bible Church [from his talk on June 21st]

“Those who shut their ears to the cry of the poor will also cry out and not be answered./ The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor.”Solomon, author & King (Proverbs 21:13 & 22:9) [Can't get away from stuff like that in Scripture.]

"As culture changes many of the Questions remain the same, but the Answers don't." - Andy Stanley, pastor @ North Point [man, if we could "GET" that we would be so much more effective!]

“We decided to stop complaining about the church we saw, and we set our hearts on becoming the church we dreamed of.” - Shane Claiborne, ordinary radical [there's a way to live life!]

"All of us want to experience miracles, but we don't want to be in situations that require them. Can't have one without the other." – Mark Batterson, author & pastor @ National Community Church [this is something we can absolutely testify to at Ridge Church.]

“You can’t get too much done in life if you only work on the days when you feel good.” – Jerry West, NBA legend & the guy whose silhouette IS the NBA logo... that's pretty big time! [haha, I can testify to this quote as well]

"If you try to live out biblical NT Christianity, you're gonna face the greatest opposition from the church." - Francis Chan, author & pastor @ Cornerstone [really sad, but seems like it might be true]


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Mary said...

"Live simply that others may simply live." In order for others (everyone) to live, we'd be living in single rooms with no air-condition; but that's what it will take.