Monday, May 19, 2008

i don't think they're allowed to talk about that... are they?

(First of all, I told you all there would be a new weekend segment & now the weekend is over... still no new segment here on renown. Sorry, it was out of my control. I actually had the blog written, but our internet got knocked out here at home. It's still knocked out, I'm just blogging now from another "secret" location. just kidding about the "secret" part. we had a new security system installed at our house - don't try breaking in now by the way! - & it knocked our internet out! sorry to all you "loyals" but the new segment will begin this coming weekend.)

Do you guys remember my blogs about Deadly Viper a few weeks ago? If not, you can read them here and here. Mike, one of the Deadly Viper guys also founded XXXchurch & the Junky Car Club. One of the character assassins they are passionate about helping us defeat is the Boom Chicka Wah Wah assassin - with a specialty black belt in sexual sin. Probably safe to say we have all seen more leaders ruined by this assassin than any other! (i know many of you, like myself, are sick of seeing that happen!)

In my humble opinion - the reason so many leaders are ruined by sexual sin is because we (peeps in the church) DON'T TALK ABOUT IT!!! For some reason we're afraid to, or we get embarrassed, etc... But, if there's no communication then there's no accountablity. And when a certain subject is made "taboo" b
y the church it's really hard for guys & girls to come out and talk about it!

So, our friends over at the Deadly Viper blog are working on fixing that. This week they (Mike,
Jud, & Anne) are hosting a "hold nothing back", "no holds barred", no topic off limits, candid discussion about sex, sexual sin, healthy sex lives, and some pretty crazy sex stuff. It is actually titled "The Week of Hot Sex". They say, if we can't talk about it on their blog, then where are we gonna talk about it???

They're diving in deep & I REALLY encourage you to participate! And if you don't see the importance in all this then just read any stat about Pastors & sexual sin & you will see that the Boom Chicka Wah Wah assassin jacks up a ridiculously high percentage of Pastors by causing them to sin sexually!

Click here to see their intro to the week & here to see Day 1. Click here for the main blog site.

*Disclaimer = the Deadly Viper blogs this week will definitely be Rated NC-17!!! so, if you are too young for these topics don't go snooping over there. If you are easily "offended" (spelled "embarrassed") I would also recommend you steering clear of their blog this week. When they say "no topic off limits", THEY MEAN IT!!! Don't say I didn't warn you.

And for all you fans of renown, be sure to check their blogroll!>

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