Monday, May 12, 2008

Upstreet ROCKS!

every Sunday is an awesome day for me! not only because I get to be a part of what God is doing in Charlotte through Ridge Church, but also because I get to work with something called Upstreet! and Upstreet flippin' rocks!

Upstreet is our environment at Ridge for kids in Kindergarten - 5th grade... definitely the most fun place to be! There is an AMAZING team of volunteers who serve in Upstreet. Seriously, these people blow my mind & do a really awesome job.

This pic is of our 3 actors from last night. You might be wondering "Why is that guy green?" Well, "that guy" would be me & we just thought it would be a fun thing to do. Seriously, this is us "backstage" getting ready to go back out for the final part of the production. My character (Tyler) simply didn't have enough patience (our virtue for the month) to NOT jump in the pool with all the chemicals in it, so he consequently turned green. Crystal painted me green after Adam & Travis dumped a few buckets of water on me - you know, to give it that whole look of I just climbed out of the pool. (did I mention we have a lot of FUN in Upstreet?)

We also kicked off our brand new series at Ridge - Parental Guidance Required. It's complete with a movie theme including red carpet, movie posters, a popcorn machine, & Rusty made a sweet marquee like on top of those old school movie theaters! You've gotta check out this series! 3 more weeks left.

PS - definitely can't wait to post my takeaways & all the cool stuff that went down at the Drive conference! 1 problem - can't find my notebook with all my thoughts & brilliant ideas from the conference! HOPEFULLY I'll find it tomorrow, but even if I don't I'm going to start posting the stuff I can remember off the top of my head.

**ALSO, Happy Mother's Day (yesterday) to my Mom (if she ever gets around to reading this) & to all you moms out there; you all have a big job. THANKS MOM, you're the best!

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