Sunday, May 3, 2009

Drive '09 baby!

That's right, it's time for Drive again! so stoked. (you can check out my posts from Drive last year HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.)

We're headed to North Point for Drive '09 tomorrow. Only like one of the pimpest conferences in the land! It's gonna be crazy! Really stoked that our staff (minus melissa bailing on us... jk) plus a big group of our volunteer team are going!

There's gonna be TONS of takeaways from the Andy Stanley - so that's what will be on this blog for the next week or so - my takeaways from Drive. You're gonna wanna come back and see them!
I'll probably be tweeting about the conference too if you follow me on twitter.

If you're at Drive too hit me up and let me know. I'll be back home on Thursday a MUCH MUCH better and more energized leader.

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