Friday, May 1, 2009

the QC (nobody sent me the memo)

I'll start off by saying that I never watch the news or read the Charlotte Observer (our newspaper here in Charlotte).
*In fact [side note story warning] my wife and I used to subscribe to the Observer back when we 1st got married. This kid came by our condo selling subscriptions for like $20 a year to get the paper 7 days a week! & I was like "OK" & handed him a 20. The manager called me the next week saying the kid make a mistake on the price and it should have been like $100 for a year. He wanted to know if I wanted to pay the other $80 & I was like "no." So they let us keep that crazy cheap price for a few years. Then one day I cancelled it. They called me once a week or about a month trying to get me to sign back up offering me cheap prices like only $60 or $70 a year and every time I kept saying "no." Finally one dude asked me "WHY would you turn this down?" I simply replied - "you wanna know why? Here's why, because the ONLY time I touched the paper was when I picked the stack of 10 off the ground to throw them in the trash. Then 1o days later I would do the same thing. We DON'T need it because we DON'T read it!"
They haven't called back.

Anyway, back to the whole point of this post. Because we don't read the paper, watch the news, or listen to the radio really (why would I with 30 gig worth of awesome stuff on my iPod?) we miss a lot of stuff. Like big stories - we have no clue. Seriously. It's pretty crazy how out of it we are on stuff.

That is the preface you need before I ask this question = When did the official name for Charlotte switch from "Charlotte" to "the QC"???
I mean, I know it has always been called the Queen City, but recently no one calls it Charlotte anymore. Everyone is calling it "The QC".

*So, how far behind am I? When did this start? Did YOU get a memo and I missed it?
For the record I do think it's pretty cool. Does this mean we've finally arrived as a big top 10 city or something?

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Amanda Hueneke said...

I like your blog! Good writing... reeled me right in. And for your reference, no one was really calling it the "QC" when we moved away last February.... so maybe it started back then. :)