Friday, May 8, 2009

the problem & andy's 2 solutions (Drive 09 takeaways part 3)

ok, here's part 3 of my Drive 09 takeaways. This is the 2nd half of Andy's 2nd main session. It was pimp. I wish you coulda been there when he started with the flip chart walking us through his org. chart...
**You can catch up on Part 1 HERE & Part 2 HERE. (Yesterday I told you I would finish up this 2nd session with the problem & Andy's 2 solutions... here you go.)

*Here's the PROBLEM = "Most organizations allow seniority to determine structure." -> Stop it! Andy says this "impedes the flow of ideas"... no doubt!
- it's great to say you want good ideas from people in your org., but until you CHANGE THE ORG. CHART, you really can't apply it! [and you don't truly believe it]
- In this kind of seniority structure "title & position, rather than insight or creativity, determine who sits at the decision-making table." [& that's no good!]
- "Eventually a seniority structure leaves the SENIORS in charge!"

*Bottom Line = a lot of you MUST change your structure BECAUSE = "Good information and good ideas are MORE IMPORTANT than your structure!" [and the success of the mission is more important than anyone's feelings or the way we're used to doing things!]

Solution #1 = "Create a system that allows you to get the brightest and most strategic-minded peeps to the decision-making table."
- here's a great question Andy asked = "Why would you not want to leverage the next generation of leaders and ideas?"

Solution #2 = "Create systems that allow you to listen DEEP into your organization." = listen all the way down the org. chart!
- Duh = "You can't learn unless you're willing to listen."
- *So cool what Andy said next = Just because your church is BIG (lotsa #s) or because you're in charge does NOT mean you are smart!!! I love it!

*All this talk about the necessity of wise counsel had a huge impact on me, especially coming from one of the greatest leaders in America. He even said = "We've never had any train wrecks with decisions because I don't make the decisions." Whoa. How many leaders of large organizations (or even small ones...) can say that? probably none!

- "You have some really smart people in your organization. Figure out how to leverage their smarts."
- REMEMBER = "Leaders who refuse to listen will eventually be surrounded by people who have nothing important to say."

More to come for sure, but
what do you all think so far?

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