Monday, May 11, 2009


We started an awesome new series @ Ridge this past Sunday... simply called "TEXT". The stage set looks phat (as always).

I loved being in there & worshipping with my wife! For 3 weeks in a row now we've been able to worship together at our brand new 9:30 service. It's been AWESOME! I love it & yesterday was really awesome for me.

Andy's talk was really good for me to here. It flew by. And our other Andy was our lead worshipper for the morning - rockin' some Hillsong United -> "The Time Has Come" & "The Stand" + Charlie Hall's "Closer". It was an awesome set list (put together by none other than Rusty himself).

If you missed Andy's talk - Part 1 of TEXT - go listen to it HERE. It's awesome. + plan to be @ Ridge for Part 2 next week! And we're still TEXTING our friends to invite them to TEXT.

*One of the coolest things about the end of Andy's talk is that he put together 5 passages for everyone to read together during the week. So we passed out TEXT bookmarks with the 5 passages on them to everyone @ Ridge. My wife and I started today and read the 1st passage together. I'm really looking forward to doing this together with her (along with the rest of our church) for the next few weeks of TEXT!

Today's "text" was Psalm 1. You can read it HERE. Crystal and I summed it up together like this = "For the righteous things are GOOD. For the wicked... not so much."
God says that the people who DELIGHT in His Word and think on it all the time are BLESSED. I'm pretty sure we all wanna be one of those people!

Definitely my biggest takeaway that is still sticking with me was this line at the end of the chapter = "the LORD watches over the way of the righteous..." How awesome is that? I beg God to help me be a righteous man... It's amazing to walk through what comes our "way" and know that God is totally watching over us. Deep breaths can commence.

Tomorrow we're jumping to Psalm 119, so check back tomorrow because I think I'll post my thoughts from each day's text here on renown.

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