Tuesday, August 5, 2008

happy anniversary to us (3 years)

I can’t believe it’s been 3 years!!! We seriously still feel like newlyweds. But, today is our 3 year wedding anniversary! 8/5/05 was the day Crystal Pagels & Patrick Mitchell tied the knot. Pretty crazy… a lot has changed since that day. I’ve definitely fallen even more in love with this amazing woman. I didn’t think that was even possible back then. I’m so excited to be married to Crystal. She’s the greatest woman in the world. The perfect wife. I made her a video/card/song/poem this morning with all the sappy stuff so I will spare the world wide web all of that. I’ll just say that I can’t imagine my life without her.

She’s so smokin’ hot + an unbelievable cook. She’s the exception to that rule in the song about marrying an ugly girl to be happy because she will be a good cook. My wife has NEVER made something that wasn’t good in 3 years of marriage. I was even geared up for some bad meals, but she surprised me. She should have a show on Food Network or something. 

So we’re on vacation all week to celebrate our anniversary. + She says she’s got some surprise for me or something… guess I’ll find out soon.

Happy Anniversary, Crystal. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met. You were a beautiful bride & you are beautiful today, 3 years later. And I know you’ll be beautiful after 53 years. I’m gonna spend the rest of my life making you happy. I love you, babygirl.

(& thanks, God for hooking us up!)

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Son of Emery said...

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am celebrating my fist day off of crack!!! jk.