Saturday, February 9, 2008

my first house!!!

I remember how cool it was when I bought my first house (pictured here)... it wasn't all that long ago. pretty cool day.

Well, today I sold my 1st house & that was pretty cool too. A great lady from Orlando found a great house and it was a perfect fit! I'm really excited for her. I would have posted a pic, but it was too dark by the time all the papers were signed.

My dad is really the Real Estate expert after living here in Charlotte for like... ever. He knows this city like the back of his hand and is the best Realtor there is. Check out his pimp website here.

I've sold stuff my entire life... candy (like a rockstar), root beer, tahitian noni juice, cars, +++ but selling the house today was pretty cool. Cool to help someone find their "home." So, if you know anyone looking or selling a home in the Charlotte area - give me a shout out : )

hey... & if you're not busy Sunday night - 6pm then swing by the Levine Senior Center in Matthews (behind Sycamore Commons) & check out our pimp new series at Ridge... Louie Giglio is like my hero & if you've never heard his talks you've gotta come check it out.

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