Monday, February 4, 2008

quote of the night

it was a really fun night last night with about 20 or so people in my house watching one of the greatest upsets in superbowl history as the Giants took down the seemingly unbeatable Pats.

There were several moments and one-liners that caused the room to burst into laughter, but one really sticks out in my mind... the identity of the person being quoted will be protected, so we'll just call him Bob. It went something like this...

*The TV kept showing shots of Peyton Manning in his skybox throughout the game. One of these shots was prolonged and...

BOB: "Who is that guy?"

Everyone in the room: "Peyton Manning"

BOB: "WHAT!?!?!? He's not playing?!?!?"

Everyone in the room: "no"

BOB: "Man, I could have swore I saw Manning on that quarterback's jersey!!!"

Everyone in the room: <Uncontrollable laugher>


Gene said...

Patrick please,please,please,please
please,please,please,please,tell us who said it;)

patrick mitchell said...

sorry, no one you know :)

Anonymous said...

bummer ;)