Wednesday, February 6, 2008

rivalry week

Carolina vs. Duke or Yankees (God's team) vs. Red Sox (Satan's team)... which is the greatest rivalry in sports? No doubt that these are the top 2. Feel free to disagree, but you'll be wrong. These 2 are the greatest 2 rivalries in all of sports.

So, tonight was a fun night. i LOVE Carolina & HATE Duke with all my soul. One of my friends was over watching it with me, but he wasn't my friend tonight, because he's a Duke fan (sorry Lopo). Too bad our superstar point guard (arguably the best in the country) was out tonight as well as our backup. So we went after Duke with our 3rd string point guard who couldn't cut it with Winthrop. We got beat, but we'll beat them at Cameron... you can quote me on that.

USA vs. Mexico tonight too... I Tivo'd it & am watching it right now while writing this blog, so don't tell me the score. It's a crazy nasty rivalry too...
For some reason it seems like the church acts like this! Which makes me scream "what the heck?!?!?" Definitely the opposite of what Jesus wanted.
It shouldn't be about a particular church, it should be all about Jesus & His kingdom! It seems like there are a lot of people who dog other churches & pastors. They hate on them like I hate on Duke because they're the "other team." In the church there's gotta be 1 team.

I'm excited to be a part of a church that is all about the kingdom, not just itself. "We don't want to raise a banner in Charlotte that says Ridge church, but a banner that says JESUS." Therefore we're about other churches in our area too because we're on the same team!

Sunday we got to hang out at a new church's 1st worship gathering and just helped out in any way we could. It was really cool & I'm pretty excited to tell you all about it in my post tomorrow.
So, you can hate on your rival in sports... but there are no rival churches! We're all on the same team working to advance the kingdom... ACT LIKE IT


bhy said...

Can't believe you forgot Cowboys and Redskins......okay this Texas girl will forgive you on that one! ;)

patrick mitchell said...

so you're a skins fan? JK. but it's not really as big a rivalry as the other 2 right?

Lopo said...

yea, I dont think yall are going to beat us at home, but you can keep dreaming if it makes you happy, haha. I like the blog, it's actually something I agree with you on.