Thursday, June 25, 2009

the blog party continues... TOP 10 MEMORIES IN THE CADDY

The "blog party" is continuing today. Rolling on in honor of my 20 year old beautiful Caddy that just passed 200,000 miles & has too many nicknames to include in this post.

If you need to catch up on the party you can read yesterday's post HERE. Now we're going to get right to my top 10 memories of all time in my caddy!

#10 - The Day I Got It. Who knew it would be such a momentous occasion? Who knew that it would be a day that would go down in history? Who knew that day was the start of something so amazing? If I would have known, I would have taken a picture and I could have posted it here for you!
I remember when my dad brought it home and showed it to me - he was a car dealer and was always bringing home a different car every day, so I thought nothing of it. He told me he thought it would be a good car for me. I was like "huh?" "WHAT?" You see, I was 18 and my current car was "sexy." It was a midnight blue SHO. It was the shiznit! 0-100 faster than a passenger could say "Slow down!" Leather racing seats that held you in when going around curves at over 60mph. It even had back massagers in the seats! But it wasn't "practical" I was told. We were having to drop $50 on it every week it seemed for little things & I was about to leave for college, so I needed something more dependable.
I couldn't figure out if it looked like a granny car or a ghetto drug dealer's ride? But I traded my SHO straight up for it that day. I wasn't so sure then, but now I am so happy my dad brought her home that day. and now I have all these memories...

#9 - Emergency Room Breakdown. My roommate at the time (and one of my best friends) Ethan broke his toe or dislocated it or something (whatever it was it was nasty) in our soccer game during our senior year of college. The game ended at 10pm or so & he obviously needed to get to an emergency room. It would take TOO LONG to explain now but our college was crazy sketch about being off campus after 11pm (among like a million other things) so it was a great win that they even let the 5 or 6 of us leave campus for the night... because of course it took 5 or 6 of us to take him to the hospital.
The first option was to all ride in the Caddy - no doubt! Plus I think I had the closest parking spot to our dorm... somehow this ALWAYS worked out, every semester. This could be a whole blog in itself about the way I pulled off some hookups for parking spaces. Anyway, we pulled in the Caddy and got like half a mile down the road... and... it broke down! haha! It was crazy. We couldn't believe it. What timing. We ended up making it back & driving my buddy (& other roommate) Scott's car. It got us to the hospital & they broke his toe back or something in like an hour. Then we went out and "partied" all night at the Steak & Shake. good times.

#8 - Bouncing Balls. I think we did it many times & really this #8 is more of an example to represent what went down with, in, around, on, and in the presence of my car all the time. But I can vividly remember Ethan and me driving somwhere in my Caddy... down Brent Lane in Pensacola, Florida. Maybe we were driving to the beach? I really can't remember where the pimp mobile was taking us this time? Anyway - he grabs a tennis ball, rolls down the passenger window and starts bouncing the ball out the window as I'm driving. This is a 4 lane pretty major highway. Like we were driving 45mph! I think we did it a lot after that because it was pretty fun. I remember us losing a lot of tennis balls playing this game! & we tried it with a basketball too.

#7 - Spinout on 485. I was engaged to my now wife, Crystal. I think we had just graduated from college? Like still in May just 1 week after graduation. It was the 1st night of a sort of internship thing I was doing leading a middle school student ministry at the church I eventually became the children's pastor at a couple months later. We were on our way there from Crystal's house. We were on 485 & getting off the exit to hit 85 South. If you have taken that exit before then you can imagine what happened because it is a NASTY NASTY super curve. It had just rained too. There are big signs that say "SLOW DOWN AROUND THIS CURVE YOU FOOL!" But I didn't slow down enough... obviously. Because we spun around and around... It seems like a bunch of times, but it was probably only once. We spun straight off the road and straight into the tall grass field IN BETWEEN the oncoming traffic of 2 major interstates on both sides of us! Straight up miraculous & God's hand completely protecting us. Oh wow! My heart still beats out of control right now just thinking about that day as I write. Crystal was all cool & chill... I was a little shook up. She still married me. & I vowed to be a safe & cautious driver. (You can ask her how that's going.)

#6 - Wedding Breakdown. The night before our wedding. The rehearsal dinner was over. All the stuff that needed to be done was done. All us guys and girls were heading out from the wedding spot to go have a good time. I had like 6 guys riding with me (maybe more? there were tons of peeps in town staying with me from all over the U.S.). We all got in and I started my car. The thing died right there in the parking lot! It straight up died! Just shut off. It was something bad & I honestly can't remember what it was - something with the engine? It was a big weekend for me... I can't remember all those details. Anyway, like 6 of us guys all hopped in the back of my best friend from high school & groomsman, Chris' truck. (BIG truck). He gave us a lift to the party spot which was like 30 minutes away down major roads. Several more guys who had legitimate rides all thought it looked like fun, so they jumped in the bed of the truck too! Haha, it was a crazy fun night & fun riding all the way across Charlotte in the back of the truck with some of my favorite peeps. All because the Caddy broke down. Kind of odd that my caddy died right before we got married. It was running again by the time we got home from the honeymoon though. Wow... to think that she almost didn't make it into our marriage! That would have been awful.

OK, that's #s 6-10. Stay tuned for my top 5 memories of all time in the caddy!

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