Wednesday, June 24, 2009

my caddy hit 200k!!! (top 10 memories & JCC)

This is a BIG BIG celebration!

My car hit 200,000 miles this past Saturday!!! wow. what a momentous occasion.

So, basically the rest of the week here on renown is PARTY WEEK because of my car passing this milestone. I'm really proud of her that she made it this far! that's a lot of miles to drive with 1 car. (I would be interested to know if any of you are driving cars with over 200k on them?)

I mentioned before that she also turned 20 this year. She hit 200k & turned 20 all in the same year, so it's a big year for the Caddy! (Maybe this is kind of like a graduation party?) I bought the car back in 2000 from the original owner who took beautiful care of it. It had 80something thousand miles on it then. It's been an awesome car for me for the past 9 years!

Me & my Caddy are also PROUD MEMBERS of the Junky Car Club! "We live with less so we can give more" (JCC motto). [You can read more about that HERE.] We are "politely" rebelling against our culture that says "I can't give my money to take care of orphans (like Jesus said to do) because I have to pay my car payment!" REALLY? You know you would look silly saying that to Jesus right?
I guess I just think that a car is to get me from here to there, and past that why waste money on it? I am very very proud to drive my junky car that is paid for. My wife and I will never have a car payment. And I am pretty excited to use that money (that would be used to pay for a phat ride) for God’s kingdom purposes in this world. I’m positive that I will never regret this!
For this reason I’m praying that God lets my car keep going past 300,000 miles! How awesome would that be!?! I will keep driving it the rest of my life if it keeps running. I hope God will let the caddy keep running, but if it dies tomorrow I will go pay cash for another junky car for hopefully less than $1,000.

I hope this whole way of life becomes cool in our world! I hope things like the Junky Car Club becomes more popular than owning Hummers and Beamers. Because I think if God’s people rebelled against our crazy culture of consumerism that says you’ve gotta have all this unfulfilling crap – then the Kingdom would start to rock in this world, social justice would win over poverty, and God would become even more famous!
I hope lots of people throw parties when their paid for cars hit 100K, 200K, etc… and that we will all pray that our cars will last so we can use our $ for God’s kingdom.

Along those lines and in honor of this awesome celebration I am going to post my TOP 10 MEMORIES with the Caddy… so far. There is gonna be some funny stuff you will want to read! Some of you might have some memories of the Caddy over the last 9 years – if you do, send them to me ASAP! Maybe they’ll crack into the top 10?
(You're all invited to check the blog tomorrow for #6-10 of my top 10 memories in the Caddy!)


Andrew Welch said...

Dude..! the cadi..! the pimp mobile. lol That was like the official Jag transport for years. lol some of the best memories..
ok. top two. first was the "illegal" trip to the beach after the hurricane... a thirty minute trip turned into a three hour trip. Jeff was ticked. lol he said he wanted to get tan so he took off shirt and stood outside the car while stuck in traffic.. which of course led to the twenty or so chinese fire drills. lol which had everyone in the car taking a turn in driving. hahaha then Jeff finding a broken JVS tape.. which led to a mile long piece of film behind the car. lol lol After passing the turned over "oiler" on a back road we arrived at the beach.. to which we found out was completely safe. lol lol

Second.. it was a short trip.. just from Ballard Lobby to College Field.. but we fit the whole soccer team in or on your car to make the 200 yard drive. lol lol We were a bunch of Mexicans that day.

Sam Nelson said...

you're my hero! we should have a surprise 20th bday partay for the caddy.

Brian Carter said...

Dude, that is so freakin sweet! My car has 256k on it and still running. I'm just prayin she makes it to 300k! Def. a milestone tho for your pimp mobile caddy!

Scott said...

Andrew's comment was awesome. I remember the short trip piling into the car. I think we did that every year after Greek Rush for our soccer match. We always had to show them the true Jag spirit, the loving kind of family that we were. haha.

And Sam's comment is awesome. You should record a surprise bday party for caddy and post it on here. That would be suweet! Maybe some old photos of you two through the years. ha

thesawhooks said...

AWESOME PATRICK! Good mentality! Jon and I are working HARD to get ours paid off for the VERY same reason! Can't wait to rock some people's worlds!!!